Our story

Knowledge that breaks isolation.
Learning that builds common and lasting worlds.

We want to be innovative, creative and change the rules of the game.

We want to be precise, demanding, and critical.

We want to be traditional, enchanted, contributing to a common and a plurality of lasting worlds.
We are a Publishing House with the heart in the dialogue of inter-orthodox Christianity but with the mind curiously relating to the world around us.
We are a Publishing House engaging in knowledge that break isolation and bring people and communities together.
We are a Publishing House that want to inspire, be known for integrity, and contribute to the enchantment of the world.

What we do

We publish high-quality academic, educational resources and research within the field of theology, and bring new knowledge into discussion with contemporary society and popular culture.
From monographs to journals, blogs to children’s books and novels, our scope is titles that cross cultures, churches, classrooms, and languages.
We also go beyond traditional publishing, finding innovative ways – so we can make knowledge accessible and engage more people.

Publishing with purpose

Our mission shapes everything we do:

We further The Sankt Ignatios Foundation´s objective of excellence in research, excellence in education and integrity in opinion-forming by publishing.

This directs our actions today – and drives what we do tomorrow.


Producing with value

We want our products to be breath:
Artistic excellence.
Green sustainability.
Integrity in details.


We started in the early 2000 under the name of Anastasis Media AB.
In 2021 Sankt Ignatios Foundation restructured the publishing house with the name Sankt Ignatios Press (Sankt Ignatios Förlag) with the intention to restart it.
Unfortunately, circumstances as the pandemic and the influence of the war in Ukraine has forced the owner to pause the productions and delay the restart.
We are now activating Sankt Ignatios Press again during 2024.